Saturday, April 25, 2009

Checked on in

I'm happy to report Marice and I made it safely to the Desert Springs Marriott, and checked in for our 66 night stay, ha! Flying in, I was struck by Palm Spings' beauty. Its quite literally nestled into the desert with millions of palm trees and big sandy mountains surrounding it on all sides. I love the dry windy heat, and how cold it gets at night. The Desert Springs Marriott is of course beautiful, expansive, and much to my excitement packed with geese, swans, ducks, parrots and even flamingos!!! They call what I'm about to go through Bikram Yoga hell, but who could be in hell in a flamingo packed hotel?

So on Monday it all begins. Thank you Sal and Papsi, I'm so fortunate I get to be here and go through this journey, thank you for all your love and support. I can't wait to meet all the other people who traveled here to go through this thing. I finally get to meet Birkam and understand what his yoga is all about. I have no idea what to expect. I'll get a chance to get online next weekend and report what my first week was like.

Until then I'm drinking lots of water and holding my breath... and then drinking some more water. :)


  1. Wow! Looks like a beautiful place! You'll be right at home with the birds-maybe you can make some new friends. I know how you miss crook neck.
    Stay hydrated and post us a new one. LUV YA!-M, Ev

  2. Palm Springs looks gorgeous! What an amazing experience, I know you're going to excel and learn a great deal. Enjoy yourself! We love and miss you!

  3. Greetings our illustrious daughter. It was great to hear from you last night. We are very excited about your experience there, and that it is going well. When are you going to post more info? We want more pics!!
    We miss you Sally! MUCH LUV-M

  4. Good morning Roz. Just wanted to give you blessings for another beautiful day in the sweat odyssey. Lilo is fine and all's well here in TX. The weather has been rainy and cool so we are ready for sunshine. Howz camp going? We miss you! Send pics!

  5. How's the sweat'n there, Krondo. 'Bout time to post something to this blog. I thought that is what blogs were all about. And remember, Lock that Knee.

  6. Wow, all of those palm trees remind me of illustrations of B.C. Babylon. I'm guessing all those flamingos kinda spoil the Biblical effect, though. I hope the training is going well, and don't worry, you're not missing a thing in Austin except massive amounts of humidity and a lot of people freaking out about the Aporkalypse.

  7. Hi Roz-Thanks for calling last night. It sounds like things are heatin' up a bit. Take extra good care of yourself. Looking forward to your next post!

  8. Hello there my brave and beautiful girl. I am so awed by your courage and determination. It sounds like the going may be getting a bit tough but I know that you have the ability to see it through. Its going to be worth the effort Roz! Just the fact that you are there is amazing! I know I couldn't do what you have chosen so I am very proud of you. You go Krondo!
    I will email pics of pretty Lilo this weekend. We are going for our second session of training today. I think she really likes being out and doing something different and I really like Diana the trainer.
    LUV U much!-M