Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are most throw up experience people in the world!

The weekend is here!!!!!! We took class this morning at 8am and now have the rest of the day off! Wow, first week of teacher training is complete, incredible. I don't even know how to define or write about it. It feels that I'm starting to get it. After going into each class more and more tired, and walking out more and more energized I'm starting to get it. After every lecture spent with Birkam and staying up till all hours of the night taking in information, I'm starting to get it. Though I've been practicing this yoga for a year now, I never got it. Now I'm starting to.

Bikram is amazing. I feel really fortunate to be studying and taking class with the master and creator of it all. He's hillarious. There really isn't a way to descirbe him, but he knows what he's talking about and I respect it. We take class every morning 8:30am. There are 325 of us in this training and we all cram into one big hot room. There are lots of people from Canada, New York, California, and every state in between. A few people from Austrailia, the UK, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Japan, China, Europe, Mexico, all over the place. Its a really diverse group. This week Rajashree taught in the mornings which was so wonderful. She's an incredible teacher.

Then after lunch break we go to posture clinic until 4pm, which this week consisted of all 325 people going up on a stage one by one and delivering their half moon dialogue to Bikram in front everybody else, to show how we speak as a teacher, personality, etc. Marcie and I both did great, and he said we made a good team. Yay! :) Then class with Bikram at 5:00pm, dinner break, and then lecture from 9pm to morning hours. I'm loving it all, I know that this is a once in a lifetime process I can never repeat.
On a seperate note, there is a pond of Coy fish underneath our patio and Marcie and I feed those fatties daily. Their names are Albert, Cynthia, Sushi, Goldilocks, and Dante. All the birds in the hotel are doing well. The trip we make from our room to the Yoga room takes about 15 min through the resort property, and we see a lot of birds and fish. We walk with wet hair, no makeup, and yoga mats on our shoulder, totally a clash against all the golfing vacationers here, tan, dressed up, drink in hand, and gold-jewelery-fied, whom Marcie and I lovingly refer to as sacks of shit.

I'm happy I cut my hair so short, during the hottest part of standing series it drips cool stream of sweat onto my shoulders, its absolulty divine!!

Well, one week down, eight more to go. I know we can both it. I'm excited for next week. We are all getting re-programmed...this is Albert :)


  1. You are one tough cookie! I knew you would do great, you always do! Bikram sounds like quite a character :) I can't imagine how exhausted you must be. I can't wait to see your haircut, it sounds adorable. Tell Albert I said hello.

  2. Ah, a koi named Sushi. It's kinda like a boy named Sue. ;)

    It sounds like calling your Bikram training "yoga boot camp" isn't far off. It amuses me to imagine boot camp as 350 people sweating in a 4x7' space in a room instead of 350 people sweating while jogging cross-country while chanting naughty rhymes.