Saturday, May 30, 2009

We go into the body to get out of the mind

Weeeeeee! Week 5! Yes sir-E BOB, its over! It's a little blurry in my memory, but I think it was a good one. Yes, swell. In fact it was great because Lisa came, and so did Cosmo (my future boss) and Raquel from Yogagroove :) It was a little piece of home having them around.

I'll start off by saying that I love Bikram. He's one hell of a guru! His lectures were fantastic this week, great classes as always, good music. He sat on me Tuesday night and messed up my hair. There are no words, he is my favorite part of teacher training....besides the birds.

Emmy came back to torture us, but for whatever reason, this week her classes weren't as painful for me. She spent a good deal of time allowing people to go on stage during lecture, and with all her 80 year old strength, she would clamp down on, twist, and fix everyone's messed up postures. I didn't go up, just laughed at the poor souls that did.

This is Cosmo giving Bikram a reverse hug...

Posture clinics have been going well for me, spitting out the dialogue just fine. I'm learning how to lower my voice when speaking..I basically just envision I'm a burly man when I get up there, and it all goes down pretty smoothly.

Marciepants and I after our double this more yoga for two days! :):):):):)

Just some fun updates, an ambulance came for somebody this week which was kind of exciting, you know, mixes things up a bit. We officially watched every single Dog Whisperer episode there is, it's all re-runs for us now. Diaper cream resides on my knuckels and heels. My leg hair is so long, if I was in Jamaica the natives could bead my calves. I consumed REAL MEAL of chicken, bread, asparagus, and polenta thanks to sweet Cosmo. I put my goddamn Turkey Jerky in the lockbox. Keepin it secret keepin it safe.

Oh yeah, we got a lecture from Jon Burras on Thursday....way too much information from the king pin or all new agey types. Bascially we're made up of fascia, fascia, repressed emotions waiting to sneak out and bite us in the ass, and more fascia. I lost it when he tossed some loofah sponges out into the audience to be passed around and they hit some out-of-it yogi in the head.

ah, good times. :) It feels crazy to be going into week 6 already, this groundhog day scenario is bee boppin right along! Sucks when it sucks, hate it when I hate it, love it right after I hate it, all in all its managable and keeps me exactly in the exact exact present moment.

Here be some faces that'll shiver your timbers....

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  1. Hello Roz-Wow! Incredible pics of you; lady of the long leg hair. WTF FFS
    (W)hat (t)he St. Son of a buttered biscuit (f)or Pete's sake. (F)or (F)rank's (s)ake
    We have an owl living on the 3rd story. Lilo barks at it and the buzzards.
    Cute girl! Takes her job very seriously!
    I luv U and am so proud of
    Once U R past mid point the rest is all down hill. Take care of yourself.

    And as for me, I am quite proud of you as well. Your posture is impressive. At this rate you'll be hanging on to your dancer's edge for quite a while. I think these birds are keeping an eye on you, trying to get you to turn loose of some of that jerky. Have a great week Ros.