Saturday, May 9, 2009

The human mind is like a drunken monkey...stung by a bee

I happily label this week worst, most rotten week of teacher training ever. The reasons, eh, mental, emotional, physical blah blah, so in the past now that I'm here at the weekend. Now it is over, done with, gone, bye bye, out the window, and I can say farewell to it with my smiling happy face. whew....

Bikram's most senior teacher, Emmy Cleaves, taught morning classes to us this week and lectured in the mornings. She's somewhere in her 80's, but she defies all sense of age. I guess that's what 36 years of hot yoga practice gets you, endless youth. She's sharp as a tack, spirited, and her body is in perfect shape. It was like having a scientist teach you yoga, very precise and executed to the exact -more than you're capable of- on man she kicked our asses. Frequency, Allignment, Intensity...she drilled it in to me by god. I learned about anatomy by way of osmosis, hearing the exact names of the glands I'm stimulating as I'm compressing these joints and contracting this and these muscles, with sweat rolling into my eyes and skin buring hot...oh it was a scene. Bikram's evening classes continue to be my favorite. He keeps them moving, makes us all terribly nervous, but then always keeps it lighthearted with the craziest of jokes and stories. I wish I could share them. Sometimes he'll sing during class, or play one of his songs during final savasana...both of which I'm a huge fan of. Very calming.

Loving the lectures...more information about yoga, our bodies, our minds, our potential, than I could ever process in 4 or 5 hours of fighting sleep. Self-realization: its a dirty dirty job.

Loving instant miso soup, loving orange slices in water, loving Ceasar Millan and 10 minute naps, loving this rose that I un-elegantly smash my face into and inhale deep right before class.

Forever loving the resort's winged stinkers..... this sly dog.

Can't seem to grasp that I have 7 more weeks to go, it feels like I've already been here for months. But my living solely in the moment skills are quickly becoming razor sharp, so there's that. The best part is feeding off the energy of all the other people here who are going through the same thing. The same surreal, impossible, sweaty as all hell thing.

Posture clinics and anatomy start next week, and I get the feeling that these first two weeks have been only some sort of a warm up. Other teachers just keep saying, "oh just you wait, you'll see."...aint that hot damn fine dandy kettle of fish!

I know exactly this, 50 more days of torture, and a lifetime of endless benefits.

oh and I'm now CPR certified, because all Bikram Yoga instructors are now required to be so....hmmm


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  2. What a week! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, the experience sounds challenging but well worth it.

    I've also found that living in the moment is extremely beneficial, but for me it is very difficult. You will have to enlighten me when you get home!