Saturday, June 6, 2009

Never did like camp

FFS! Week 6 scratched off the list baby!

First and foremost let me annouce I made these in the corner of the our room with a hot water kettle...
Started out with 8 but this was taken when the meal was down to 3.

Good week, started off in a sour mood with a head cold but thanks to Zicam, Vitamin C, and having no choice, I was feeling all better by Tuesday. :)

This week was all about posture clinics, and pushing through them at full throttle. Everyday was the exact same, Class followed by 4 hour posture clinic, followed by class again, followed by 4 more hours of "just get them in and out of the posture!" I started off the week great when I nailed triangle and standing seperate leg head to knee. Sadly it all came crashing down on me Thur night when I for the first time so far I froze like a damn deer in the headlights during tree and toe stand. Couldn't get a word out, just stared at the bodies. I think I mumbeld "crimeny"...the old brain sounded like a run down a/c unit with a piece of tape flappin in the vent. Fun times.. I redeemed myself Fri with Wind Removing and Cobra, both went really well, and I'm at the point where I have to start giving corrections. Now on through floor series!

What else, let's see...a couple lectures from Dr.'s a picture. Yay. Cervical Spondylosis and Yoga therapy. You just gotta love it.

This morning marked my 67th class, inconceivable! Thats 100 and 1/2 hours spent in the hot room thus far, I just did the math on my cell phone calculator. I'm feeling like that one species of sea annemmone, whom after being poked in the side so many times eventually no longer feels it. I like how any organism is capable of adapting to crap situations. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and by golly jean I beleive it. Having diarreah in the desert, trying to study on the toilet and eventually nodding off...rock bottom: you know it when you get there.

Bikram only taught twice this week, and Rajashree only once :( All the visiting teachers were fantastic though, as usual. I snapped a picture of one of Bikram's beloved cars.
Not much else to report, going into week 7 here and feeling pretty good. I miss rain like the dickens! The most comforting thought I can conjure up is sitting in a rainstorm somewhere eating a steak medium rare.

Three more weeks in the yoga bubble, where the men paint their toenails and the women don't shave. I'll be a monkey when I get outta here, giggling and wiggling in the presence normal society. Be confident in that.


  1. Sorry I've missed your last couple of posts!! It's great to hear you're doing well :) Your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. "...where the men paint their toenails and the women don't shave..."

    HEE! This was totally the best post yet. Your turns of phrase are making me grin.